Why Tinsley Writes Romance Novels

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When life hands you a second chance that reads like a romance novel, maybe the universe is telling you to go ahead and write the damn romance novels already.

–Tinsley Sellers

I am getting excited!

The manuscript for Healing Heather is on my editor's desk!

I should be getting the proofs from my cover artist any minute now!

I'm about to step off a cliff, and I'm terrified...but exhilarated. I can do this.

For a long time, I didn't think I could. We've all got that one English paper, right? The one we wrote in grade school, or maybe junior high. The one we secretly thought might actually be good, but didn't know for sure. The one that came back with a comment from the teacher, "You're going to be a writer someday!" The one that gave us secret hope that maybe we could do this.

Mine was an eighth-grade science fiction story. I still have it, and it's terrible; the science is wrong and the fiction is painfully predictable. But it's not bad for a thirteen-year-old, and Mrs. Archer (if you're still out there), thank you for seeing whatever it was you saw that wasn't so terrible, and for knowing that I needed to hear it.

Life happens, and I followed a path about as far from fiction writing as I could get.

Contemporary Romance novel Healing Heather

Cover Reveal: June 15!

But there was always a directory, hiding in plain sight, that migrated from computer to computer over the years. The one called 'Software Manuals,' because who reads those? No danger that anyone might accidentally open that folder. Full of notes for novels, snippets of dialog, and false starts. A junk drawer full of random characters in search of plots, plot points in search of an over-arching narrative, and sentences that read beautifully but had nowhere to go and nothing to do when they got there.

So what changed? Honestly, it's the biggest cliché of all, but it happens to be true. I found someone who looked me in the eye, told me he believed in me, and promised he would do anything he could to help me pursue this dream. When life hands you a second chance that reads like a romance novel, maybe the universe is telling you to go ahead and write the damn romance novels already.

Healing Heather will be available as an e-book on July 15, 2018! I hope you've enjoyed the Chapter 1 preview and want to read more about Heather and Brian. Please check back soon−I'll be open for pre-orders shortly!

One thought on “Why Tinsley Writes Romance Novels

  1. Dawn Elliott says:

    I am on chapter 7 so far in heather and Brian’s romantic escapade. It leaves me missing sleep tonight so I can read more into the lives. I recognized some inuindos in the story so far, like the lab pup, and the moms adjustable bed, plus the lake house, well one of them may be,referring to small town nearkansas hills.

    You and he are extremely talented artists, hopefully “brian” still writes his poems, maybe that will be in the book too.

    It’s been an adventure that has had my head lingering all afternoon, what’s going to happen since, Amanda is back in town, trying to claw in brian, needless to say, I believe he’s taken. I even looked in audible and couldn’t find it in there.

    Just wanted to say hi, and I wish you guys love, peace, and hope to engulf your seemingly beautiful union.


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