Why Heather Hearts Hemis

Plum Crazy SRT

Was it possible that the way to this girl's heart was through a Hemi?

Brian Daniels,
Healing Heather

She used to be my Hemi

My 2013 Plum Crazy

To Buy or Not To Buy?

It's been a few years now, but once upon a time my husband (MBG) and I found ourselves in possession of a huge pile of cash (all above-board, totally legit). It wasn't a big enough pile to quit our jobs and buy a private island, but it was big enough to buy a car. And MBG loves cars.

To be fair, so do I.

We shoveled our windfall cash into a canvas drawstring sack with a big green dollar sign painted on it and headed to the Car Store.

A (Mildly) Cursed Corvette

The Car Store in question sells classics and restorations on consignment, and we frequently just stop in to see what's on the showroom floor. Mostly it's just Mustangs from the early 70s. That day, they had '65 Corvette convertible. Not just any convertible, the Glen Green.

Have I mentioned that green is my favorite color? I wanted to hand over the sack full of cash on the spot. I mean, it had the saddle leather interior and the 4-speed standard.

Not My 1965 Corvette

To make a short story even shorter, when we tried to start it, the battery was dead. MBG pointed out that it also had a flat tire. It was clear that the Universe was telling us that wasn't meant to be our 'Vette.

RoadRunner, SuperBee, SRT

Disappointed, we headed for the local Dodge Store, where they have both a RoadRunner and a SuperBee on display. No kidding, and they're not for sale. We just wanted to gawk.

When we entered the showroom, I forgot all about the classics. All I could see was the brand-new 2013 Plum-Crazy SRT Challenger. Have I mentioned that purple is my favorite color?

I made them move 6 cars to get her out of the showroom. The salesman attempted to hand the keys to MBG, and blanched visibly when I got behind the wheel. In all fairness, it was the 392 V-8 Hemi with 474hp and a 6-speed manual, and I am only a girl...you could tell that was sarcasm, right?

Heather's 2014 Hemi

The thrill of driving my own SRT made me want to give my character, Heather Harris, that same experience.

Speed limits notwithstanding (please always obey the law and adhere to posted speed limits), it's an amazing feeling to slide into 6th gear, punch the gas, and get slammed into the seatback. I highly recommend it (please always obey the law and adhere to posted speed limits).

Insanity or Independence?

MBG and I bought Purple (our SRT) on a whim. Some might (a few friends did) call it a Mid-Life Crisis, but I'd prefer to refer to it as a ⅓−Life Crisis, thankyouverymuch. And the backyard wasn't big enough to dig a pool, so how else were we supposed to spend the money?

For Heather, Violet (her SRT) is symbolic of her independence. It's her first brand-new car, and she bought it with her own hard-earned cash. It's not what her fiancé would have preferred her to drive, but she buys it anyway. Because life's too short to drive ordinary. Drive extraordinary.

Interested in Heather's story? Curious to know who the heck Brian is? You can read an excerpt from Healing Heather by clicking here.

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