Why Aerin is a Chef

Aerin is a chef because I have no knife skills. Pitting an avocado: 4 stitches. Chunking a block of cheddar: 2 stitches. Slicing lettuce: 4 stitches, plus the ignominy of having the ER doc offer to let your former student (shadowing said physician) stitch the wound (true story). And that doesn’t count the slashes, gashes, Read More

Why Brian is a Mopar Man

So, Sergeant SeaMist, is this a ’51 or a ’52? –Heather Harris, Healing Heather Compare the truck on the right with the one above; other than the paint jobs and side mirror, you can’t really tell them apart. The Dodge B-Series Pilothouse was in production from 1948 until 1953. The ’51 and ’52 are almost Read More