Why Aerin is a Chef

Aerin is a chef because I have no knife skills. Pitting an avocado: 4 stitches. Chunking a block of cheddar: 2 stitches. Slicing lettuce: 4 stitches, plus the ignominy of having the ER doc offer to let your former student (shadowing said physician) stitch the wound (true story). And that

Why Brian is a Mopar Man

So, Sergeant SeaMist, is this a ’51 or a ’52? –Heather Harris, Healing Heather Compare the truck on the right with the one above; other than the paint jobs and side mirror, you can’t really tell them apart. The Dodge B-Series Pilothouse was in production from 1948 until 1953. The

Why Heather Hearts Hemis

Was it possible that the way to this girl’s heart was through a Hemi? –Brian Daniels, Healing Heather It’s been a few years now, but once upon a time my husband (MBG) and I found ourselves in possession of a huge pile of cash (all above-board, totally legit). It wasn’t