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Click on the cover below to begin reading a free excerpt from Healing Heather, and enter the small-town world of Beckley Michigan. The roads are long and winding, the lakes are cool and blue, and the forests are green and shaded. The people are warm, friendly, smart, funny–and very, very real. I know you'll love them as much as I do. The first chapter of Accepting Aerin, the second book of the Beckley's Daughters series is also available now.

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Healing Heather (A Beckley's Daughters Romance Book 1)
Will 120 miles per hour−

After a year of tragedy and loss, Professor Heather Harris is finally ready to come to terms with the deaths that have left her devastated and alone in the world. Spending summer break at the lake cottage she inherited from her grandparents should provide the solitude and reflection she craves, but she soon finds herself on a collision course with Sergeant Brian Daniels, state trooper whose passion for fast cars won't stop him from enforcing the speed limit.

ever be fast enough−

Brian Daniels embraces his small-town, slow-paced, lakeside life. After years of heartbreak at the hands of his first love, he’s finally free–and a fast-driving, karaoke-singing physics professor offers an exciting diversion. Opposites attract, but the sudden appearance of a blonde on a Harley threatens to throw a monkey wrench in the works. Will the promise of the future be stronger than the pull of his past?

−to outrun the past?

There's more to the story...there's always more.

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Accepting Aerin
Former Chicago Cubs third baseman Chet Coakley needs a quiet place to write the last novel in his best-selling series.

When a freak accident ends his baseball career, Chet finds his second chance writing a series of retro-detective novels. He's on a deadline and can't afford a distraction-especially not in the form of a vivacious blonde innkeeper who challenges everything he believes about himself.

Professional chef Aerin Buckholtz owns
a vintage lodge and fifteen cabins on a secluded lake in the Michigan woods.

Betrayed by her best friend and self-conscious about her appearance, Aerin believes that romance isn't meant for her. She's building her business-and working to earn good reviews seems safer than admitting her attraction to a handsome former athlete who feels far out of her league.

Can Aerin and Chet learn to see themselves through each other's eyes and accept a love neither one saw coming?

Meet some new friends at the Starbrite Lodge in Beckley, Michigan...and revisit some of your old favorites.